Thursday, June 17, 2010

I throw the magic mouse out of the house

I'd like to say I dated someone who resembled this mouse, but I didn't travel in those circles (ok, once) ...

I've used this mouse with my iMac for about seven months. During that time I've scared my kids more than once with a scream of frustration.

This is one of those things that looks beautiful, feels lovely, shows well, but has the heart of Satan. Inevitably, a slight errant motion careens windows about, loses location, or zaps the wrong set of photos.

I beg you, don't buy this mouse. Apple doesn't need the encouragement and they sure don't need the money (believe me, I give them enough).

Yes, I understand the seductive appeal. It's lovely when it works. It does fine with some apps. It's disastrous with other apps, esp. Google apps.

Apple has never made a good mouse. This is no exception. I think this explains why Jobs went to iOS (iPad, iPhone) -- he finally realized he's violently allergic to mice.

Buy a Microsoft mouse. They don't do very many things well, but they make great mice.
Even Andrew gave up on his Magic Mouse -- and he bleeds Apple.

I've gone back to using an ancient Microsoft RF mouse with scrollwheel. Maybe I'll buy a Bluetooth mouse, but for now this one works fine.

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