Thursday, July 22, 2010

What's wrong with Google Maps?

There's something weird going on with Google Maps. Twice on our family trip, once in Canada and once in the US, Google gave us very scenic but impractical directions. They were quite different from prior directions for identical routes. There were no road closures to explain the choices.

No, we weren't choosing the bicycle route.

It's as though Google's routing algorithms are mixing up bicycle and auto travel.

Weird. I assume it's transient, but it's very annoying.

PS. In a separate bug, Google has Sault Ste Marie Michigan and Sault Ste Marie Ontario merged as one location in their database. Any searches on Michigan locations get Ontario results.


Anonymous said...

I searched for an address, the results were off by 2 blocks.

Also noticed that real estate sites have switched to Bing maps. Bad sign.

Anonymous said...

Same thing keeps happening, everytime I do a search -- my searches are off by at least 2 blocks.