Thursday, October 28, 2010

The iPhoto 11 (v9.0) data loss bug: permissions again

The killer data loss bug in iPhoto 11 is ... wait for it ... Permissions related:
iPhoto 11: Avoid possible data loss - Mac OS X Hints

A possible bug in the upgrade process by iLife 11 causes a loss in one's library. Even more, some of the 'successful' upgraders are not even aware that they might too have lost some files!

The root of the problem lies in faulty permissions within the iPhoto Library. The solution is to fix the permissions. Repairing permissions in Disk Utility won't help because that doesn't affect user files, only installed programs with Receipts.

... Install BatChmod and run it...
Drag and Drop your iPhoto Library (usually located in your ~/Pictures folder) into the open BatChmod window. 
Change the Letters R, W and X under the Owner, Group and Everyone to a check mark. 
Also select the check mark for the following boxes: Change ownership and privileges, Clear ACLs, unlock box and Apply to enclosed folders and files.
Click Apply...
Have I mentioned I hate the OS X Permissions based security model? It's a botched implementation, and probably the worst part of using OS X. Adding the 10.6 ACL layer seems to have made a bad scene worse.

This bug is yet another example of why I never rush to install Apple products. Apple is a design company, not a quality company. They do this sort of thing routinely.

It's appalling that the installer doesn't check for permissions issues prior to installation. iPhoto has had lots of permissions related bugs in the past, and I've personally run into about a dozen permission related bugs in other parts of OS X. Apple should have tested for problems.

It's too bad there's no legal resort to pursue for these kinds of egregious quality problems.

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Update: Apple has released the 9.01 fix.

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