Thursday, October 28, 2010

OS X - the Dropbox, Drop Box and Public inversion mystery solved

Something weird was going on.

My 10.6 account had the old "Public" folder containing the familiar "Drop Box".

It also, however, had a "Drop Box" folder containing a Public folder! The Public folder had a document I'd never seen before ...

You can get a public link for any file in your Dropbox's Public folder.
Simply right click (or control click) on a file, click the Dropbox submenu,
and then click 'Copy public link.'

How strange. I don't remember that feature of OS X.

New feature? Inverted Public to Drop Box relationship? What's going on?

OS X hasn't really changed. There's still a "Public" folder containing a "Drop Box". The "new" folder wasn't actually another "Drop Box" -- I'd misread it. It is a "Dropbox" folder -- all one word. It was created by when I installed a cloud based file service known as Dropbox.

I'd stopped using it, and forgotten the double meaning. The folder was simply leftover. I deleted "Dropbox".

It is rather confusing ...

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