Wednesday, March 09, 2011

eCamm PhoneView for iPhone and iPad - restore game data, extract contacts

I bought Camm PhoneView for iPhone and iPad (not on App Store) because I wanted to be able to save and restore game data if I needed to remove games from my kid's iOS devices. For example ...

Transferring Angry Birds saved game data to Mac app | Entertainment | Mac 911 | Macworld


3. Select Apps in PhoneView’s Data pane.

4. Enable the Show All Apps option.

5. Select Angry Birds and then select its Documents entry.

6. Drag the highscores.lua file to your Mac’s Desktop to make a copy...

You can also use it to get at media, notes and texting records.

Subsequently I received an email inquiry from someone who wanted to copy iPhone Contacts to the desktop. The problem was that these were Exchange Server contacts, so there's no supported way to get them off the phone to another device.

PhoneView allowed him to browse and copy his Contacts to OS X Address Book.

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