Thursday, March 03, 2011

Tools for small business (NYT)

How to Make a Small Business Seem Much Bigger - Eileen Zimmerman -  NYTimes references these tools ....

  • Batchbook: CRM
  • MailChimp: email marketing
  • calendaring and scheduling [1]
  • TimeTrade: appointment scheduling, marketing. Compatible with Google Calendar
  • Intermedia: hosted Exchange server
  • Shoeboxed: scanning service
  • virtual employees: deductible expense rather than employee
  • Regus: temporary office space, worldwide

[1] It tried Tungle. It looked interesting until I realized it only syncs with one my Google Calendars. My GC view is a synthesis of about 18 calendar sources (no joke). So sync with one doesn't help. Then I realized there's no way kill a account. You have to email support -- and that's not well documented. Fail.

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