Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My Lion bugs - collection

I'll be using this post to collect the Lion (OS X 10.7) bugs I run into, and track which are fixed. I think Lion will ready for general use by summer 2012.
  1. Not a new bug -- but Lion Parental Control log display, like all prior versions of OS X, truncates the visited or blocked site descriptions.
  2. You can't create a guest account on a FileVault 2 encrypted disk. The option to do this is grayed out. If you are careful you can rest a mouse pointer on the checkbox and get an explanatory text. This makes sense, but the bug is a failure to notify the user; the UI doesn't work.
  3. There are problems with security and privilege escalation when users do administrative tasks from non-admin account. I think these will take a while to fix. They probably play a role with these bugs; I use a non-admin account most of the time.
    1. Printers shared by 10.6 machine are not visible to Lion machines. I was able to get the printer to show up by applying a pending 10.6 update and restarting both the print server and my Lion (Air) client. I have a hunch this is somehow related to the 'download from internet' bug (see below) and at root it's a security bug.
    2. Lion does not remember 'download from internet' 'do you want to open' choices. It can persist is asking them.
File these under criminally negligent design rather than mere bugs ...
  1. iCal
  2. Address Book


Anonymous said...

1. Preview does not show the exposure time of photos, instead it's shown as "1/0" which is not really useful.
2. Parental control time limitation, e.g. one hour per day, seems not to work at all. This is not worse than in 10.5/10.6, because it has never worked there either (in fact letting the Mac sleep or restart resets the time limit. This is dumb).
3. The Finder crashes and restarts frequently when opening some folders with many photos inside.

JGF said...

Reading Jobs biography, and learning his lifelong issues with authority, it's easy to see why OS X parental controls fail miserably.

I'm bemused by how often Finder windows crash - on most versions of OS X. Dismounting a drive is a common cause of window crashes.