Sunday, October 16, 2011

iPhone 4S battery life is half of what it should be

Emily's new iPhone 4S can't make it through a day of light use.

I suspect a software issue with either IMAP or MobileMe or ActiveSync polling. Otherwise, hardware. I posted a question to Apple Discussion: iPhone 4S battery life is half of what to solicit ideas.

I'll see if a software notice appears in the next few days, and I'll post updates here.

Update 10/16/11: This post has a likely cause. It's apparently a longstanding iOS bug. Restored accounts may have problems with IMAP/POP accounts resulting in high server polling rates. The fix is to delete and restore the account. I did that on Emily's account, and on my first try with the restored account crashed. On the 2nd try I had to reenter her password but it's working now. She is getting new email, but I didn't notice a problem before.


Martin said...

Same problem with the iPhone 4 and iOS 5. Turning off the automatic time zone setting helped but not enough.

JGF said...

There are very active posts on Apple's discussion forum.

Makes me feel real smug about not updating our 4 and 3GS devices :-).

I'll see how Emily's phone is doing when I get home. Doesn't seem like a hardware issue, just bugs.

If she can make it through a day of light use then we're ok until there's a fix.