Monday, May 14, 2012

Start Chrome using a specified "user profile".

I love Chrome's Multiple User feature - aka Identity Management in the G+/Facebook era.

 It's why I switched from Safari to Chrome on OS X. I have a profile for
  • My TrueSelf that only a few shall know.
  • John (Kateva) Gordon
  • My corporate self
I also have profiles I use when I'm assuming my children's identity (ex: Facebook monitoring). All the Profiles sync through Google Cloud including bookmarks, passwords, extensions and so on. So I use the same Profile everywhere.

Even in Darkness, Google does some things well.

I switch my three primary profiles all the time. That's how I know the great weakness of the current implementation. The Profile Google gives me is never the one I want. I frequently have to switch identities, which opens a new window, then hunt that window down ... Meanwhile, the original Window hangs on.

I want some shortcuts that will take me directly to the Profile I want. In both Windows (easily) and Mac (comand line), there are ways to do that as described in SuperUser and Quora:
This is top-secret stuff, these parameters don't show up on the most popular listing of Chrome command line options

The command line parameters are of the form:
  • chrome --profile-directory="Profile 1" -> Kateva
  • chrome --profile-directory="Profile 2" -> Corporate
  • chrome --profile-directory="Default" -> Personal
They match the directory names shown in (Win) C:\Users\[userid]\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data.

I've created a Windows shortcut for each Profile, now I have to give them unique icons.

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