Sunday, August 25, 2013

How to view your Apple hardware purchases (purchase history) : iPhone and Mac

It took me a while to find this page again, so I think it's worth a blog post.

This My Support Profile page is the best way to view the Mac, iPhone and other hardware purchases associated with your Apple ID (AppleID).

If you have multiple Apple IDs (I have four) the purchases may be associated with one or more of them, but that's another story. We are waiting patiently for Apple to fix this problem [1].

[1] My guess is that Apple has different databases for iTunes and hardware purchases, and for hardware purchases the 'foreign-key-equivalent' is either a phone number or an email address, specifically the phone number used for "VoicePass". So when it tries to relate hardware purchases to an AppleID the relationship can have unexpected results.

Update 8/25/2013: now has a link to "view order history", but, weirdly, not to the My Support Profile page. Incidentally, over time all my purchases ended up on one of my Apple IDs, possibly related to updating email addresses.

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Martin said...

The list might be inaccurate:

Most of my hardware purchases from Apple are listed but some information is wrong or missing. Wrong is for example the '4th generation' designator for my Time Capsule, it's actually a replaced 1st generation Time Capsule (replaced with another 1st generation Time Capsule after overheating). Missing is for example a MacBook Pro repair two months ago where Apple had to replaced a bloated battery.