Sunday, September 02, 2012

How to embed a Google Docs spreasheet into a blog post with a generated iFrame tag (MarsEdit, Blogger)

This Google web page gives you part of the solution for Embedding a spreadsheet in a blog or webpage. Unfortunately, they only talk about Google's near defunct "Sites".

The directions for blog embedding are cryptic: "If you want to embed a form in a website or blog, click the More Actions button at the top of the editor, and select the 'Embed' option from the drop-down menu." I think this language is obsolete.

Here's how you do it now. In the Publish to Web page on Google Docs there's a drop down that defaults to web page. Choose HTML to embed in a page instead. You get an iFrame tag you an put in MarsEdit HTML or in Blogger.


Screen shot 2012 09 02 at 9 21 52 PM


Mary said...

Ahh, I think you missed a detail there.

Those instructions (More Actions > Embed) ARE correct for embedding a FORM.

But if you want to embed a spreadsheet document, it's a different story, as per your post.

(But thanks, I've been meaning to do a test of creating a survey with Docs for some time, your post give me the impetus to try it out.)

Unknown said...

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