Thursday, September 06, 2012

johngordon on - now as a feed, the test bed for development, is improving quickly.

it's a bit hard to find, but there are now feeds for user posts and for tags. For example, here's the feed for my posts:

There's no feed yet for mentions, I'm looking forward to that. It will be helpful to add some of these to Google Reader for consumption in

My posts to are my pinboard postsprocessed by IFTT and Buffer (yeah, a real hack) then posted to So they are equivalent to my Twitter posts (except not truncated!) and my google indexed wordpress archives of my pinboard posts.

I'm hopeful that will eventually what Google Reader Share might have been. In time it may become my primary microblogging platform (displacing pinboard, though pinboard has been pretty good to me).

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Martin said... is your profile, not a feed as I understand the term.

(BTW, needs a real name. Just keeping 'Alpha' could be an option.)