Saturday, October 07, 2017

Quicken for Mac moved our financial data to their servers and we can't remove it

From support:

What is the Quicken Cloud?

 …The Quicken Cloud data cannot be deleted, although there may be an option to delete it in the near future.

Quicken Cloud is used to sync data for mobile devices. We don’t use Quicken mobile, we only use Quicken for Mac. We did not enable Quicken Cloud sync, we were careful not to enable it.

It appears an update turned it on. Our financial data is now on Quicken’s servers. The servers of a company that clearly has its head deeply buried in an orifice. I’m sure they’re just great at net security.

Anyone know of any good lawsuits against we can support?

Update 10/29/2017

Via Twitter: FAQ: How to remove cloud data in Quicken Mac 2017 4.6.x. I followed the directions. As best I can tell data can flow from most of our transaction partners either directly or via the Quicken cloud. When this procedure is applied transactions revert to Direct where possible. Some don’t work Direct, they stay in the Cloud.

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Miles Wolbe said...

Sorry to hear about your (data) loss. Yet another reason to run an outbound firewall like Little Snitch or Radio Silence.