Monday, October 30, 2017

Repairing Aperture database: 1061 recovered images ...

Aperture is an artifact from an age where Apple made ambitious software to handle big challenges.

Those were the days.

It’s not, however, flawless.

Periodically I rebuild the Aperture database. Sometimes all is well. Today there 1061 “recovered” images.

I’ve been through this before so I didn’t panic. I sorted by size and chose 10 version names from the largest 50. I then searched on each name and all of them were in the proper place at a larger size as well as in the “recovered” project. The recovered images were thumbnails.

When I get 10/10 I assume they are all thumbnails (most are a few hundred K vs. images of 3MB to 30MB). So I delete the Recovered Folder.

It is unsettling how often I have to do this.

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