Wednesday, February 04, 2004

More Safari Bookmark JavaScript tricks (via Macintouch)

Safari 1.2: "Sending web pages from Safari
Davide Guarisco
R.Benz asked 'How do you send a web page in Safari? ...The only workaround I figured out is to click drag the URL from the window's URL box to an open page in my email program, which works but does not title the email like the send page command would and is also less convenient than a keyboard command.'
Create a bookmark entry (I call mine 'e' and place it in my Bookmarks Bar) and enter the following under Address:
Now, every time you want to mail the page you are on, click on that bookmark and your favorite email client will compose a new message with the appropriate title. Works in Mail and Eudora (and possibly others...).

Fred Jensen
Add an 'email' bookmark with the following in the address field (you can edit the address field by selecting the menu item 'Show All Bookmarks'):
You can also create a custom search option with a bookmark like:
javascript:x=escape(getSelection());window.location=''+x+'&meta=cr%3DcountryCA'; "

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