Monday, February 23, 2004

smugmug - now if they'd only add preconfigured user print accounts

smugmug - easy photo sharing with the world's best online photo albums
Here's what I wrote them:

Smugmug looks extremely interesting. Maybe you'll do what I've been writing shutterfly and others about for about a year.

I want to create special prefunded preconfigured accounts for specific users to order prints with. Mother, aunt, grandmother, baby sitter, etc.

I would enter mailing addresses, username, password, default print size, and print budget when I set up their accounts.

They would login to my smugmug page and choose their name from a list. They would be asked a password.

Then they would see a simple app for specifying images to print. Then click done. They see a confirmatory screen and confirm.

That's IT. They don't enter credit card info, uname, pword, address, ANYTHING. They only click, enter password, select print, confirm. Prints get mailed to them.

When my account runs low I'm notified to add more money.

HUGE time saver for me. I don't have to worry about shipping, selecting, anything.

Include a special account without an address. That's to give to parents at a party, so they can get prints.

Do this and you'll be drowning in print orders. Money, money, money.

If you weren't already planning to do this, you can give me 10 free prints as a gesture of your eternal gratitude.

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