Saturday, September 04, 2004

Canon PIXMA iP5000, iP6000D and iP85000 photo printers

Canon Australia - Canon launches high-end PIXMA printers

I was ready to buy the Canon i960 printer after my crummy HP 882c cartridge finally died. I've been ready to trash that beast for months, but I needed to run the cartridge down.

Then I realized the i960 is a year old, and the price is falling daily. It's about $150 on Amazon now.

Sure enough, a set of even better printers is coming out. Canon is having a smashing year.

I need the iP5000. But do I need the iP6000D? I expect the iP5000 will be $250 in the US. They've announced it in Europe and Australia, but I can't believe they'll miss the US Christmas market. It's not available until October where it's been announced, which makes me wonder about availability.

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