Monday, July 11, 2005

A fix for the inane iPhoto 5 color profile bug?

Update 7/13: Alas, this was old news and was long ago shown not to work. It's unclear if it has any affect on anything, but the ColorSync bugs seems to be related more to QuickTime than to iPhoto.

Macintouch: iPhoto (Part 13)

I found the following on the iPhoto color changes at the apple web site. I have not tried it yet but will when I get home.

Subject: RE: iPhoto changes color profile, what to do?

1. Close iPhoto, go to your library folder, scroll to the preferences folder.
2. Find the ''
3. Open it with textedit and look in the EmbedColorProfile. You will see that it is currently set to 'NO'. Change it to 'YES'.
4. Save the change when you close the window.

That should do the trick. You can also use the Color Sync Utility to designate what color profile is embedded to your photos at the time you import from your camera. Open Color Sync Utility and click on the Devices tab then on 'camera'. Your camera must be connected when you do this.
I use sRGB throughout my workflow. It's not ideal but in practice it's worked pretty well. That was suggested to me during correspondence with a ColorSync engineer.

iPhoto has really been a frustrating piece of software. Too good to discard, yet either the source code is a horrendous mess, or the project is immensely under-resourced, or there's a saboteur working in the project.

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