Sunday, July 10, 2005

Printing to an Apple AirPort print server from an XP client: Bonjour for Windows

Gordon's Tech: Finding your computer's Bonjour name

This worked rather well! I installed Bonjour for Windows, attached my Canon PIXMA iP4000 to my Apple Airport Extreme (latest firmware, etc), and clicked on the Bonjour Printer Wizard. (NOTE: I'd previously installed the iP4000 on both the XP and OS X machines using a local USB port -- I think that's probably essential). The printer appeared immediately. It installed just as though it were on the local USB port. So far works perfectly.

The Port information is interesting: IP_1661well.local.9100 with a RAW data format. Reminds me of all my attempts to get various ink jet printers to work on the Hawking print server or the AirPort. I could always get something to work somewhere using a variant of the TCP/IP lp print protocols, but nothing ever worked well for the PC on an AirPort.

Interestingly the Pixma on the AirPort now works a bit better with my XP machine than with my iBook. Canon's OS X printer utility doesn't work with Rendezvous connections; it only supports USB connections. On the XP machine the printer utility works. I suspect XP does a better job than OS X 10.3 of abstracting the printer's connection.

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