Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Jon Udell scores a half-hour technical interview with Gates

I haven't listened to it, but I'll add it to my iPod sometime. Udell is brilliant, and the topics of the interview are not the usual pablum. I'd like here Gates answers.

Jon Udell: An interview with Bill Gates from PDC 2005: "Today's half-hour podcast is an interview with Bill Gates, following a morning of keynotes at the PDC. Topics of discussion include:

* The relationship of Office 12 to Vista and .NET
* How the .NET CLR and runtime will become widespread
* High-level semantics: CLR objects or XML?
* LINQ, or language-integrated query, Anders Hejlsberg's long-term ambition now coming to fruition
* The RSS data web, notification, SOAP/REST synergy, enterprise syndication
* WPF/E, aka Windows Presentation Foundation/Everywhere, aka portable Avalon
* Why, given the downleveling of the original Longhorn 'pillars' to XP, enterprises would still want to upgrade to Vista."

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