Thursday, September 29, 2005

Nano: the screen does have a problem

Via Digg and ars technica:
Vendor issue blamed for Apple nano screen problems

Breaking news at this late hour brings some clarity to cracked LCD issues experienced by some early adopters of the iPod nano. Apple will, as of today, be accepting returns of iPod nanos whose LCD screens have experienced the spontaneous cracking problem. According to The Wall Street Journal, which quotes Phil Schiller, Apple's VP of world-wide-product marketing, a vendor issue was at the core of the problem.
The Nano is as scratchable as any iPod, and smudges show more on the black iPod. It's also pocketable -- so far more abused. The display must have a protective clear cover applied (Radio Shack carries these for a few dollars).

There is, however, a real problem with the LCD spontaneously cracking. Apple will now cover this under warrantee. It sounds like it will be fixed, but it may delay shipping.

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