Thursday, October 20, 2005

5G iPod (vPod) is really a very impressive audio iPod

Top Ten Things Techies Wanted to Know About the 5G iPod is a great summary, just the kind of things I'm interested in. Bottom line is, video aside, the 5G iPod is a very impressive audio device. They may have dumped firewire to free up some interal real estate.

Part of the article was a discussion of 'dots per inch' on a range of displays. I thought that was a fascinating reference all by itself. I have a vague memory that the original Mac SE was 80 dpi (I think printer was roughly the same resolution!). We really haven't come very far in terms of screen resolution.
Apple Cinema Display 20”: 99.05dpi (20” screen)
Apple Cinema Display 30”: 101.6dpi (29.7” screen)
Original Black and White iPods (1G-4G): 102.4 dpi (2” screen)
Apple iPod mini: 105.7 (1.67” screen)
Sony PlayStation Portable: 128dpi (4.3” screen)
iPod photo/color/4G: 141 dpi (2” screen)
iPod nano: 147 dpi (1.5” screen)
iPod 5G: 160 dpi (2.5” screen)
Creative Zen Vision: 216dpi (3.7” screen)
If this is right then you can actually get more on a Nano screen than a Mini screen or the original iPods (1.5*147 vs. 2.0*102). Seems unlikely ...

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