Monday, October 10, 2005

Is OS X Preview the biggest feature in Tiger?

Spotlight is buggy, but it is pretty good. Nonetheles, OS X Preview may be a serious contender for the most valuable component of OS X. Annotating a PDF, or completing a PDF form, usually requires the $$ Adobe Acrobat application. As of Tiger, "Preview" (awful name) does this and more:
View and create annotations to a PDF document from Preview.
DNG File Format Support
Open files in the new Adobe DNG (Digital Negative) format.
Fill out and print PDF forms.
Image Keywords
Add, remove and modify keywords for images.
JPEG2000 Support
Open files in the next generation JPEG2000 image format.
OpenEXR Image Format
Open images stored in OpenEXR file format.
RAW Camera Image Support
Open images in the RAW file format used by Canon, Nikon and other models.
Image Correction
Adjust colors, exposure and more, thanks to Core Image.
PDF 1.5 Document Compatibility
Take advantage of PDF 1.5.
Screen Capture
Capture screen shots and more using features previously available in the Grab application.
Slide Show
View an elegant full screen slideshow of images opened in Preview.
I tried the slideshow! Neat, but I couldn't figure out how to stop it ...

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