Saturday, October 01, 2005

How to restore a scratched Nano to mint condition

Todd Dailey, who's blog I've added to my bloglines list, has two great posts on making a Nano (or other plastic device) look like new again:
I wonder how these techniques would work on scratched eyeglass lenses. The Novus article suggets there's been a small 'remove the plastic scratches' industry struggling to emerge. The Nano may cause it to bloom. Talk about the law of unintended consequences.

Update 1/9/06: Macintouch suggested some other options
Jonathan Alvarez

I recently bought an iPod Nano and like all the others mine had some scratches. the screen was blurred so I did some research about all these cleaning products that will get rid of the scratches. But these products were marked at a high price.

I realized that I had a product called "5 minute optical flush" which is for car lenses but it does the same thing and you can pick that up at auto part stores for around $10 its half the price and does the same thing

Laine Lee

I've devised a method for removing light scratches from the viewing area of the iPod with video models... (see posting, this one was too complex for my tastes)

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