Thursday, January 12, 2006

First MacTel glitch: 10.3.9 disk utility not compatible with Universal binaries?

[Updated with fix]
I'm sure this is only the tip of the iceberg. I hope someone will provide a utility to strip out the Intel portions of the universal binaries (as was done in the old PowerPC transition) days.
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Another reader describes a possible Panther compatibility issue with Intel-compatible software:

[MacInTouch Reader] Looks to me like Disk Utility for 10.3.9 is unable to deal properly with a Universal Binary file.... I got the Disk Utility disconnect error when repairing permissions on a 10.3.9 system, and the console log error about iTunes. When I compared the upgraded iTunes to one that hadn't been, I saw the binary in the folder used to be 7.7 MB and is now 17.3 MB, so I'm guessing iTunes is now a Universal Binary, and that Disk Utility for 10.3.x needs an update now.
Update 1/13: Macintouch reports this temporary fix works:

Ian Waterston

If you've got 10.3.9 or earlier, and downloaded iTunes 6.02 and hit a problem with running Permissions Repair using Disk Utility (and many people have...) then the fix that seems to work ..God knows why... is, to quote from the relevant Apple Support Forum...

"Go to HD>Library>Receipts and trash all iTunes .pkg files EXCEPT for iTunesX.pkg and iTunesPhoneDriver.pkg"

It's been a total fix for me. Er... why? Greater minds than mine will doubtless know the answer to that question.

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