Friday, July 28, 2006

BlogJet: Changing the BlogJet This! Template

BlogJet, my somewhat undocumented XP blog editing tool, has a simple template model that’s quite easy to customize.

BlogJet - Blog - Tip: Changing BlogJet This! Template

... If you want to change the template, find C:\Program Files\BlogJet\Data\Templates\blogthis.htm file and edit it. Here are a few variables that you can use:

{$ .URL $} - page URL
{$ .Title $} - page title
{$ .Text $} - selected text

It was easy to edit the default (which I disliked) to produce what I routinely do. Now if they’d port it to OS X …

PS. I finally noticed the the BlogJet default dictionary is UK based! No wonder I’ve been getting some “odd” spelling corrections. It took me years to change from my native Canadian spelling to US spelling, and now an odd tech twist is forcing a reversion …

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