Sunday, March 11, 2007

Apple messed up the DST switch.

[Update 3/12/07: I think this was probably a transient glitch early Sunday am, perhaps due to a very heavy load on Apple's time server. My other machines had the right time. A commenter had no problem with 40 different machines!]

So, it wasn't so straightforward after all.

My fully up-to-date iMac says it's 8:54AM CDT in the twin cities now.

It's actually 7:54AM CDT.

Blogger things it's 5:53AM, but that's because I'd never switched this blog from PST. Google has DST right, but Blogger makes me make the CST/DST choice myself.

Apple should be very red right now. Humiliating I'd say. (Ok, so I was a bit harsh. Sorry.)

Update 8:00AM: I switched off the automatic time setting and it reset itself to the right time, then I switched it back on. So some kind of bug in how the system clock was supposed to reset. I wonder if the Intel machines did better. (yes, they did)


Unknown said...

Not one of my Macs had a problem at home and work. This is a mix of iBooks, PowerBooks, iMac, PowerMacs Xserves, and Mac minis. Some are PPC some are Intel! Some 40 plus machines!

All I did was the Apple update.

JGF said...

My MacBook was ok too. My ibook was having trouble probably related to an Airport update, but it's time was correct.

I checked very early Sunday morning, and when I switched the auto-time on and off my machine updated correctly. I wonder if it was a side-effect of Apple's time server being overloaded.