Wednesday, March 14, 2007

DateBk for PalmOS: the DST fix

I don't do much new PalmOS any more, but I still rely on my T2. That might change when the iPhone is real, but for now I use my old apps every day. One of my favorites is Pimlico DateBk, a product that deserves better than the decaying Palm platform. I'm on version 5 and I don't feel driven to upgrade, but the time feature on v5 is out of whack. Happily, DateBk's rules for time zones are data driven, and one can simply edit the data. This description is for DateBk6 but it's the same for DateBk5:
DateBk6 FAQ's

USA has changed DST rules for 2007 - what do I need to do if I'm using TimeZones?

All you need to do is edit the WORLD TIMEZONES memopad record that has all the timezone information including the rules for handling Daylight Savings in different parts of the world. The default data in that record uses rule 'A' for the USA and for 2007 it should be defined as:

.A 2103 1111 US Std. - for 2007 (old value was: .A 1104 L110 US Std.)

2103: The '2' says the "second" day of the week, the '1' indicates Sunday, and 03 indicates the month of March. 1111: The '1' says the 'first' day of the weeks, the '1' indicates a Sunday, and 11 indicates the month of November. So DST runs from the second Sunday in March through the first Sunday in November for 2007.

You can also just download the current release of DateBk5/6 and unzip the dbSetup.prc (dbSetup6 for DateBk6) file and run that to re-install the World Timezones database as that now includes the correct information for 2007.
I realized after posting this that he mentions an update to DateBk5, the version I use. I installed that dbSetup as per the above directions.

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