Wednesday, March 21, 2007

My personal spam blacklist: Gourmet, SONY, Canon and more

One of the more recent developments in the war on spam is the rise of spam from legitimate companies with real email addresses. These include companies I've previously liked (Canon) as well as real companies I've never done business with.

The good news is that, for this group and for political organizations, Blacklists work great. You block their addresses, and they don't bother you any more.

This is my personal Blacklist as of today. Canon is the newest addition. To get on here a legitimate company or political organization has to keep sending me spam despite my clicking a remove-me link. If a persistently spamming corporation doesn't have a one click remove-me solution they go right to the list. (no, I have never been a customer)
I'll update this post as I add more brick and mortar corporations with serious spam problems. Of this list I was most impressed with -- they were relentless spammers. SONY media was almost as bad -- heck, come to think of it, they were all really bad. Canon went to the Dark Side about two months ago.

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