Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Gmail gets IMAP: Hallelujah!

I usually try not to blog about something everyone's screaming from the rooftops, but this is genuinely exciting: Gmail gets IMAP - Download Squad.

DS was reporting on a rumor, but they note it's official now.

I moved all my email services to Gmail lately after my longtime ISP, VISI.COM, began messing up in a big way. It took a bit of tweaking to get it all working, but it's been fine ever since. I'd have moved long ago if Gmail had IMAP.

Now I'll be able to move my wife's email to Gmail -- she likes using OS X and she works from 3 machines. Until now I had her on VISI's IMAP service.

Big news of the day.

So, can Google's long delayed file server be all that far away?

Update: Good tip on use with
Update 10/25: This news post has more setup tip links.
Update 11/16/07: Still more configuration advice. I still haven't gotten around to doing this, mostly because my current setup works! Still, one of these days ...

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