Wednesday, January 23, 2008

OS X video encoding for Blackberry Pearl

My current plan is that tomorrow we will switch from Sprint to AT&T, and from my despised Motorola RAZR and my wife's beloved ailing Samsung (PalmOS) i500 to a pair of Blackberry Pearls (cute, eh?).

In February/March I will switch to an iPhone and my Pearl will be an unused (subsidized!) backup phone.

Once ePocrates runs on the iPhone, and the 32 GB GSM-high speed iPhone 2.0 is released, the iPhone 1.0 will go to Emily, I'll get iPhone 2.0 and we'll sell one Pearl and keep the other as a backup phone (gotta love GSM card swaps).

Anyway, more on the move with full details this weekend. In the meantime I was intrigued to come across an obscure reference to an OS X application that uses FOS tools to transcode video to run on a Blackberry. Potentially handy for keeping the kids amused in an emergency:
The BB Mac forum looks useful. In preparation for this migration I've added the Blackberry Mac forum to my custom OS X search.


Epocrates said...

Update - Epocrates on the iPhone

Hi Gordon,

We noticed that you have expressed interest in medical technology for the new iPhone or iPod touch devices. We recently announced Epocrates free Online drug content is now available in a format that's optimized for the Apple devices.

Simply point your Safari browser to to access continually updated monographs for more than 3,300 drugs.

Apple plans to launch the SDK in early 2008; we are excited to explore the opportunity to offer our mobile products on this new platform as well.

For BlackBerry fans, a new version of Epocrates free mobile application is now available via a wireless download, visit:

- The Epocrates Team

Epocrates said...

Another exciting update for you and your readers!

Epocrates extends a warm thank you to the medical community for helping drive Apple’s decision to support development of Epocrates products for the iPhone. Based on your high demand and Epocrates track record, it was announced today that Epocrates has been working with Apple to make its clinical content available on the iPhone operating system.

To learn more visit:

If you have already installed Apple’s iPhone or iTouch January update, you can now add an Epocrates Online shortcut to your home screen. To do this visit, click on the + sign at the bottom of the page. In the menu that appears, touch “Add to home screen”. Enter a name for the icon, then touch “Add” in the upper right corner.

Best wishes!

The Epocrates Team