Monday, June 09, 2008

My iPhone demands: How is Apple doing?

Almost a year ago I posted my iPhone demands.

Here's a status report (bold)
Gordon's Notes: iPhone: my demands

  1. Copy, Cut, Paste. (No)
  2. Search. (Contacts only)
  3. Tasks at least comparable to the 1994 PalmPilot tasks. (No)
  4. Synchronization with Outlook at least comparable to the modern Palm OS (in other words, flawed, but useable). A 256 character limit on contact comments is not acceptable. (No, not yet)
  5. Run FileMaker Remote. (No)
  6. Synchronize notes. (No)
  7. Multi select and process for email (Yes)
  8. Apple needs to fix the "international problem". It's ridiculously easy to run up a $1000 phone bill unintentionally when outside the US. (Partial)
  9. Let the iPhone bridge a computer to its net connection. (No)
Wishes, not demands:
  1. A real calculator. (Yes)
  2. Flatten the recessed headphone socket. (Yes)
  3. Site-selective synchronization - so can sync at both work and home, but not send home data to a work machine. (No)
  4. Support for a bluetooth keyboard and mouse. (No)
  5. Video out - so I can use a larger display. (No)
  6. Encrypted data stores. (No)
  7. Third party app support (Yes)
  8. Flash support, but not from Adobe. (No)
  9. GPS (Yes)
  10. Custom ring and alert tones (Yes)
  11. Allow file storage on the iPhone. (No)
Current score:
  • essential: 2/9
  • nice: 5/9
BTW, 3G wasn't on my list -- high performance web access didn't even make my "nice" rating.

The only saving grace is the SDK and the Apple Store platform. I expect 3rd party developers will give me most of what I want. I'm buying iPhone 2.0, so I'll find out soon enough. Palm is dead one way or another, so I will have to work differently.

Still, pretty lousy score!

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