Friday, June 13, 2008

Outlook 2003 treachery: revising recurrences wipes appointment data

I’m a hard core Outlook user.

I’m not proud of this. I wish Ecco Professional had survived, or even Agenda.

Still, it has some brilliant moments – especially when Outlook 2003 is combined with Windows Search (formerly Windows Desktop Search).


Against good design, like the custom views (too bad the sort category view bug took ten years to fix!), must be set the the real nasties. Like one I just fully understood today.

If you change the pattern of a recurring appointment, you wipe all prior exceptions. That’s fine, but the “exceptions” are any appointment that has attachments, agenda items, category tags, etc.

Want to go back and look at a past agenda? Forget it.

Maybe you’ve attached attributes to appointments and keywords so the appointment record can serve as a lookup and index to printed notes?

Gone. Vaporized. All of it.

This is just plain evil.

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