Thursday, June 05, 2008

OS X file renaming utilities: alternatives to ABFR

There are hundreds of splogs that claim to review software, but there's a simple trick to getting to the good stuff.

Once you come up with two product names, search for the two in combination. Then when you get to three, search for the three in combination.

Splogs can't auto-generate inter-product comparisons, so this blows away the junk.

I did this as I looked for an alternative to A Better Finder Rename for file renaming. I like ABFR, but I need to pay up again since my version won't work in Leopard (this is why OS updates are so expensive, the OS cost is the least of it).

Before I pay up, I need to scan the free alternatives. TUAW has a good quick review or 3-4 solutions - Name Mangler: batch rename your files,
and Renamer4Mac mentions 2-3.

I like paying for quality products, so I'll probably still pay for ABFR, but I'll at least try the best seeming of the freebies.

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Claudia said...

Have a look here too:

Renamerox is very user friendly and offers many features.