Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Deleting multiple iPhone camera roll pictures

It's odd that Apple hasn't fixed this bit of missing functionality; on OS X there's no obvious way to mass delete pictures taken with the iPhone camera!

In XP, ironically, it's very simple. XP mounts the camera store as a drive. You can't write to it (I tried of course), but you can select and delete.

In OS X most people recommend using Image Capture to "download and delete".

This tip points out you don't really need to download: - Delete multiple photos from the iPhone's Camera Roll

... Launch Image Capture and hit the Download Some button, and you are then free to roam the camera roll, selecting and deleting multiple images...
In case this isn't clear ... Launch Image Capture and click "download some", but you don't need to download any. Select all, then click the "delete" icon in the toolbar. All images are removed.

This is another odd bit of missing iPhone functionality! Of course it's not as critical as the missing calendar API, missing search functionality, the missing cut/copy paste function, the missing tethering tool, ...


Anonymous said...

if you are windows based pc. you can try "uTunePhotos" to add, delete,export, etc.. your iphone camera roll and photo albums.

Unknown said...

Tnx m8 uTunesPhoto solved it for me!