Friday, October 24, 2008

gContacts for iPhone: well worth my $2.00

I installed gContacts after reading this Ars review about a Google Contacts view app ...
gContacts brings Google contacts to iPhone

... Offered in the App Store for $1.99, gContacts is more or less a dedicated address book application for the Googlers amongst us. It can view both contacts and suggested contacts for one or more accounts, offering full access to contact information like phone numbers, a contact's photo, e-mail addresses, job information, and any notes you've attached.

gContacts also integrates pretty well with other iPhone applications, allowing you to call contacts and draft an e-mail...
Someday I might get around to reconciling my primary address book with my Gmail contacts, but that day is months away (esp. since Bento, which was my primary strategy for reconciliation, is so feeble).

The big weakness, other than being read-only is that gContacts has no search. Still, it does bring a heck of a lot of email information to my iPhone.

Worth $2. More if they ever add search ...

Update 10/28/08: It's no longer sold. No explanation. I assume Apple would have used their kill switch if it were doing something illegal. I suspect the name turned out to be copyrighted already.

Update 10/29/08: The author responded in Apple Discussions. The take down was trademark related. The app should return with a different logo and possibly a different name.


Unknown said...

Any idea where it went? It's no longer up on the appStore.

JGF said...

Wow. It's definitely gone, a comment on an Ars article also noted this.

I didn't see any mention of the vendor anywhere.

I'll look for an explanation. I am a bit concerned that the app was doing something illegal -- like mailing my gmail password somewhere.

Anonymous said...

No it was a trademark issue. It has been back up for sometime now. Was just updated to include search