Sunday, January 04, 2009

Turn a 1st generation iPhone into an iTouch

A friend has an abandoned flaky first generation iPhone she donated to our kids (it visited water at one time).

We're using it as an iTouch. It works reasonably well despite some odd bugs. The trick is:
  1. Use Data Reset to wipe completely.
  2. Sync with iTunes Library.
  3. Put in Airplane mode.
  4. Re-enable WiFi. The 2.2 software has this capability since some airplanes have WiFi service.
I turned off location services and push though the first should be irrelevant in airplane mode.

Now it's a somewhat slow and memory poor iTouch -- but free. I sync it with our iTunes Library so it inherits the games and media from my iPhone. (You can sync DRMd music to an unlimited number of iPod/iPhone devices from one Library, but I think you can only sync apps to five iPhone/iTouch devices.)


Anonymous said...

ugh! The ATT store took my sim card so my 1st gen phone is bricked. iTunes wont recognize the device so i can't get in to restore. Any suggestions?

Anonymous said...