Saturday, September 26, 2009

Configure AT&T BlackBerry Pearl for T-Mobile PayGo

In a recent flurry of phone switches our old (unlocked) Nokia 6555 went back to AT&T for my son’s family account (so no contract for him)*, Emily got the iPhone 3GS, and her (unlocked) BlackBerry Pearl went to our T-Mobile PayGo account.
Here’s a quick list of the setup needed for this transition ..
  1. Options:Security options: General Settings:context menu -> wipe handheld
  2. Options-Advanced:Applications: delete apps that are no longer useful (no data plan)
  3. Insert T-Mobile SIM, restart when replace battery.
  4. Options:mobile network: data services off

Actually I didn’t do things precisely in this order, which might be why the phone didn’t “know” its own number (though it did ring when dialed).

The fix was:

  1. Options-Advanced:SIM Card:context menu –> Edit SIM Phone Number. Type in T-Mobile number.

After this set of changes it seems to work. I’ve disabled voice mail on this service, so I didn’t try to configure a forwarding number.

* AT&T’s software doesn’t handle this very well. The conventional workaround is to add a user with a 1 year contract that’s retroactively dated a year in the past. This marks them as eligible for a phone/contract deal.

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