Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My iPhone home (main) screen - latest rev

I attended a physician meeting tonight where I was told that 80-90% of physicians in one large vendor's base (large, wealthy, integrated care delivery systems) carry an iPhone or iTouch.

That seems high, but I did get to share app screens with several other attendees. Alas, I didn't find any new apps. We all had fairly similar apps, or at we spanned similar app domains.

It's a good reminder though to share my main screen, it's a bit unusual for me to go beyond it (when I do I use the search function, I don't navigate the other screens) ...

The screen does have turnover. Today I finally gave up on Night Stand -- an app I once liked. I still like the idea but the product had become unstable. I also switched VoiceRecord (old app, never updated) for iTalk Lite for the same reason.

Off the main screen other apps in active use these days include:
  • 1Password: encrypted store
  • i41CX+: beautiful HP 45 emulation
  • Light (of course)
  • PhoneFlicks
  • Flixster
  • Pandora
  • MPR Radio
  • NYTimes
  • about 16 kids games and 7 educational apps
  • Google Earth
  • Kindle
  • WikiHow
  • ePocrates
  • Easy Wi-Fi
  • Wi-Fi Finder
  • iSystemInfo
  • Twitterific
  • Sky Voyager
  • Public Radio
  • myWireless (AT&T)
  • Flight Update
Update 10/5/2009: In iTunes you can switch your Application view to "list" view, get a convenient list of all apps, and see when apps were last updated.

TUAW has a post on team member home screens and Firstand20 has the home screens for geek celebrity iPhoners. I'm most like "Brett" of TUAW, looks like I need to research "MindMeister" and "Cities". Seems like there ought to be a social graph application based on home screen overlap.

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