Monday, November 14, 2011

My reader shares are back for now - thanks to Keakon.

My Google Reader shared items are back. My memory is transiently restored ...

How To Restore Sharing Options And Old List Spacing In Google Reader

Reader Sharer is a simple Chrome add-on that restores the sharing functionality to Google Reader..

It's in the Chrome extension store...

Implemented features:
1. The "Your shared items".
2. The "People you follow" view.
3. The "Notes" view.
4. The "Your liked items" view.
5. Share/unshare an item (keyboard shortcut: Shift + F).
6. Share/delete an item with note (keyboard shortcut: Shift + D).
7. Like/unlike an item (keyboard shortcuts: L).
8. Display whether an item has been shared/liked or not.
9. Support both list view and expanded view.
10. Recover some old style for improving readability.

Features unavailable yet:

Can't implement features:
1. Add/delete/display comments for an item. It seems the comment API is not available now.

Source code:

Currently has 6,400 users. That's far higher than I'd expected.

Source code on Atlassian bitbucket. I think a Firefox version is pending.

The author is "keakon". His blog is Chinese, Google tried to translate it for me but froze. I don't think Google translate likes Blogger's new dynamic pages.

Now if I could figure out a way to save this microblogging archive ...


Martin said...

How does 'Reader Sharer' work?

Martin said...

How does 'Reader Sharer' work?

JGF said...

You're exceeding my knowledge -- but I'll try.

1. The service/API is still working, just hidden.
2. I think modern browsers don't render HTML directly. They construct an in-memory model of the page and then render that. That model can be revised more easily than revising inline HTML.

I suspect ReaderSharer modifies the in-memory page model to restore the links and javascript that Google removed.

I'm making this up though. It's been a long time since I looked at this topic.