Sunday, January 25, 2015

Aperture: How can I tell my videos from my stills?

Is that a blurry still to delete or is it a precious video?

Aperture can store both video in addition to still images, but there’s only one way to tell the difference in the usual Project/Album views.

You need to have Badges enabled in your metadata configuration (see official docs or below):

Screen Shot 2015 01 25 at 6 00 55 PM

and in Customize …

Screen Shot 2015 01 25 at 6 01 31 PM

Badges are likely enabled by default, but I wasn’t showing them — perhaps because the UI is so wasteful. Unlike other metadata elements the Badge occupies an entire row of the UI, empty except for the Badge.

If you do enable Badges you’ll want to review the symbols; I don’t see any mouseover tooltip. In addition to Video look for Badges that indicate:

  • Location assigned
  • Referenced image
  • Album pick
  • Stack (number)
  • Keywords applied
  • Adjustment applied (1 or >1)

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