Saturday, March 13, 2004

iPhoto bug: there is not enough disk space ... how annoying ...

Apple - Discussions - Error exporting iPhoto4 slideshow to quicktim
I think it's an iPhoto bug arising from multiple causes. I do think that if you change your free space (either increase or DECREASE it) iPhoto will often decide you have enough room.

Try mucking with your disk space (heck, try using up some of it) and let us know if it works. The most common problem is a corrupted image however, and the only fix I know of is to hunt it down by serial export attempts.

Most recently this happened to me when I tried to export 512 images. I divided the set into half and exported the first half. Then I did the same and exported the next quarter. I repeated the process until I identified a SINGLE photo that, when I tried to export, produced the spurious error. The photo appeared fine -- iPhoto reported the normal size, etc.

I edited the photo in iPhoto 4, making an arbitrary crop. I then reverted to original. I then exported ALL of the remaining images without an error.

As an experiment I returned to the original 517 photos and tried exporting them en masse. This time it worked without any error message.
I'm told iPhoto 4 had a disastrous development process and a brutally short timeline to get from nothing to something that could be shoveled out the door. If there's one single thing that shows Jobs persistent weaknesses, it's Apple's attitude towards this key piece of software.

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