Tuesday, March 02, 2004

OS X - create archive -- zips the file

macosxhints - Create Finder-equivalent zip archives from the Terminal
I absolutely love the 'Create Archive of ...' functionality in Panther, found in the Finder's File menu or in the contextual menu when you control-click on an item in the Finder. It's much faster than Stuffit, and it doesn't require me to install any third-party software. Sometimes I need to be able to create archives from the command line, and I wondered how I could get the same functionality of the 'Create Archive of ...' function in the terminal. tar and gzip are out because they don't preserve resource forks and HFS metadata ...

I've been using Panther for months. I noticed the "archive" option on a context menu but never bothered to figure out what it meant. Turns out it zips files including OS X metadata. Holy cow.

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