Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Apple - Discussions - iPhoto "Not enough disk space bug" -- fixed by ONYX and PCC Cache cleanup

Apple - Discussions - Not enough disk space bug -- it's back!!
Hey, we're learning something. At least with 4.01, the major source for this bug appears to be related to the system caches. ONYX and Panther Cache Cleaner both are known to fix the problem. We don't yet know which cache must be removed.

This is progress. The problem could be in how iPhoto works with the cache subsystem, within the cache system itself, the cache/file system interaction, or the file system/hardware level. Given the on/off problems OS X has had with corruption of disk drives, especially firewire drives, I would worry about the very low level OS functionality. I dimly recall reading at one time that the code layer between OS X and BSD Unix was pretty ugly.

If it's a deep problem then it probably occurs with all apps, but shows up more in iPhoto because of the way iPhoto works. That would fit with what I read on OS X Hints -- cache cleanup is the common fix for many application problems.

If it is a 'deep' problem it won't get fixed before 'Tiger'. (10.4) at the earliest. In the meanwhile, I will configure ONYX and/or Panther Cache Cleaner to run every week automatically. PCC is $10, I think ONYX may be free but maybe they accept donations. Either way I'd like to pay something.

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