Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Dantz Retrospect: E-1101 (file or folder not found) on an unattended backup of a Microsoft networking volume: need to edit services management console

Dantz: What causes error -1101 (file or folder not found) on an unattended backup of a Microsoft networking volume?
Article ID: 27362
Date Created: 2002-07-18 Date Modified: 2004-04-07

... Under Windows NT, 2000, and XP, the error will occur any time Retrospect has autolaunched and you have Microsoft networking volumes in your script. This is because by default when Retrospect autolaunches it is running under the LocalSystem account, which doesn't have a login to the Microsoft networking volume. If you wish to run unattended backups of this networking volume and you are running Retrospect on Windows NT, 2000, or XP, you will need to take a few additional steps as follows:

- Quit Retrospect.
- Open the Services control panel (NT) or Services management console (2000/XP).
- In the list of services, select Retrospect Launcher, and click the Startup button (NT) or get Properties (2000/XP).
- Set the "Log on As" account information to your regular login, instead of the default "LocalSystem" account. Be sure to enter a valid name and password.

Now when Retrospect autolaunches, it will be running as the user you specified, and thus it will be able to access the networked volume, whether you are logged into Windows or not.

For more information on backing up using Microsoft networking, see the knowledgebase article titled "How do I back up Microsoft networking volumes using Retrospect for Windows?"

When I followed the directions I got error 1069 ... logon failure. I checked out a few other Dantz knowledge base articles and I was left with the distinct impression this doesn't work in version 6.0. Supposedly version 6.5 fixes it, but history has made me skeptical about Dantz's promises.

I'll try saving a script and scheduling that to run through the Windows scheduler.

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