Sunday, May 16, 2004

Jim Heid's Apple Discussion post deleted: Follow-up

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Apple Deleted My Post, So I'm Publishing It Here: Never Use iPhoto's 'Erase after transfer' Option

Yesterday, I posted a reply on Apple's discussion boards. A user had suffered a trauma: he imported some photos into iPhoto, and had checked the 'Erase camera contents after transfer' box. Alas, for some reason, iPhoto didn't import the photos -- but it did erase the camera's contents. Ouch....

....This morning's email brought notification that my post had been deleted because it was inappropriate. Whatever. It's Apple's sandbox, and Apple can and clearly does set and enforce its own rules.

Although I feel that the censorship level on Apple's Discusson board is excessive, I'm obliged to update this blog with a few points in their favor:

1. In an Apple discussion it was pointed out that Jim's post may have had an "active link" to his book, Apple guidelines prohibit that.

2. My posting complaining about this was "locked" but not removed; it contained an active link to this post.

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