Sunday, August 08, 2004

Controlling blogroll appearance for bloglines in my news page (DIV and blogrollmain)

Blogrolling - Customizing look and feel with CSS

Bloglines, the web-based tool I use to manage my RSS/Atom subscriptions, supports inclusion of a subscription list as a "blogroll". I've added my bloglines subscription to my longstanding family news page, by embedding a "hidden" page of mine in an iFrame on the news page.

I don't quite like the text layout. There was mention of some DIV tags that one could use to control layout, so I googled on "blogrollmain". This page tells me what I need to know, I should be able to make them look good on FireFox, IE, and Safari. (Any browser that doesn't support iFrames will just show a text message, so it's pretty backwards compatible.)

Update 11/19/05: I've revised this post a bit with some links. The method I invented has worked very well for over a year. To see how it works, view the HTML of these two pages:

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