Thursday, August 05, 2004

Servant Salamander File Manager - Norton Commander Clone #452

Servant Salamander File Manager - Homepage
Cute. Commander -> Salamander, Master -> Servant. I'll test this one too.

Any application that spawns as many clones as Norton Commander has, over 15 years since it vanished, was doing something right.

Update: It's missing the critical Norton Change Directory feature, but the developer tells me it's high on their priority list. WinNC.Net is missing it as well. Only Total Commander has it, but their implementation is a bit awkward. Given the size and complexity of modern drives I think to be useful today NCD would need to be constrained to a given directory structure. I believe the WCD utility allows this.

Update 10/12/04: I ended up primarily using WCD to find directories along with some extensions the developer suggested that unified WCD with Windows Explorer. As for Salamander, I discovered there was some kind of Windows extension loaded on startup that lived in my TEMP folder. I don't like that kind of uninvited guest -- even if it is probably fully benign. I uninstalled Salamander.

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