Sunday, August 08, 2004

Faughnan-Lagace Herald: The New Version with an inline frame embedded style controlled blogroll.

Faughnan-Lagace Herald: Local and International News

Ok, I got the iframe and the css stuff working. It doesn't look too bad in Firefox, Safari, IE 5.2/Mac and IE 6/PC. I'm impressed. I ended up putting the styles I got from the blogroll page into a separate page. Then I included that page in the iframe. So I was able to get around the style/iframe problem.

When I'd included the blogroll in the iframe I'd had to use blogline's alternative inclusion method (php); that method returns a fully formed page. Since I've introduced this level of indirection I now use the javascript method.

I will tweak the text background, borders, and sizes. In general I like things that are lighter and more easily readable. It's good enough to start with though. There's only one glitch, the second cell of each list is empty. I suspect that's a bloglines glitch since it happens with every browser.

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