Sunday, November 07, 2004

Annual Business Registration - State of Minnesota

Annual Business Registration - State of Minnesota

Businesses in Minnesota are required to register with the state every year. I have a consulting business that is very active some years, and does nothing in other years. This year it's inactive and I misplaced my registration form. I tried finding a form online, but I didn't know the search terms. The State Govt site was of no use.

I finally dug through some old files and found a prior registration form. Once I knew the search terms from that form I found this site in seconds. That's when the real shock came. I could register on the site! As far as I can tell, it works. It took no time at all.

I'm still stunned. I never expected this level of competence.

The problem with finding such a site, however, is another matter. Perhaps this entry will turn up in someone's searches and help them.

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